CINEMA Management System is the computerized solution for CINEMA Setups, which will automate the process of Ticket Sale, Customer Bookings, and Distributor’s share. Brisk Solutions (Pvt.) Ltd. creates cinema solutions that help you meet labor, cost and profit goals. Our cinema modules enable you to deliver great service, from ticketing and concessions to film management and more. Implemented alone or as an integrated suite, our solutions help you drive growth, build customer loyalty and improve your operations.

Cinema Management System Features

Data Inputs

  • Customers / Distributors Data
  • Daily / Weekly Movies Schedule
  • Movies Data With all particulars
  • Customer Bookings (Advance + Current)
  • Sale of Tickets (Advance + Current)
  • Cancellation of Bookings

Reports with Previews

  • Customers Particulars List
  • Distributors Particular List
  • Movies List
    • List With Price
    • Distributor Wise Movies List
  • Sale Reports
  • Sale Summary For Management
  • Distributor┬┤s Share Sale Summary
  • Cinema Share Sale Summary
  • Daily / Weekly / Monthly / Quarterly / Annually Sale Report
    • Movie Wise
    • Cashier Wise
    • Show Time Wise
    • Payment Mode Wise
  • Monthly Sales Comparisons

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