The Real Estate Management is a fully automated system with dynamic features that automates the daily routines of Housing Society Management Operations with the most convenient and adaptable user interface. The System automates dealing with the Members, Plot Sales, File Transfers, Plots Inventory, Daily Invoices/Receipts and more.

Real Estate Management Features

Housing Society Management Modules:

  • Housing Society File Management
  • Land Module
  • File Digitization
  • Balloting System

File Management Module


  • Reference Person/Introducer of member (e.g. Society Employee, Real Estate agent)
  • Multiple Phases
  • Multiple Blocks/Sectors phase wise
  • Multiple Plot Categories (e.g. 10Marla, 1Kanal)
  • Multiple Plot Sizes (e.g. 35×70, 50×90)
  • Plots Location (e.g. Corner, Main Boulevard)
  • Multiple Transaction Types (e.g. Cost Of Land, Development Charges, Monthly Maintenance)
  • Transaction Type Rate List to auto generates the Invoices
  • Caution on File that represents if there is any allegation of file (e.g. Outstanding held)
  • Services acquired by residents (e.g. Water, Gas etc)
  • Customized Letters to correspond with the members
  • Payment Plans to create the payment schedule (e.g. Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly)

Plots Inventory

  • Inventory will be maintained Block/Sector and Phase wise
  • No. of available plots to be sold
  • No. of plots have been sold
  • No. of plots reserved
  • No. of plots mortgaged

Members / Allottees

  • Joint Owner (if more than one persons have the plot’s ownership)
  • Personal information of a member/allottee
  • Next of kin (if a member has)
  • Member’s finger print enrollment
  • Correspondence criteria whether to correspond with the member by mail, email, SMS
  • Member’s complete file history if member have multiple files or file(s) are transferred
  • Correspondence History if society interacted with the member
  • Active Status i.e. member have file(s)
  • Inactive Status i.e. member have no file or file(s) have been transferred from the member


  • Phase wise system generated File No that is unique throughout the system.
  • Payment Plan feeding against “Cost of Land” and “Development Charges” (based on predefined payment plans).
  • All the details of invoices/payments those are made against the file.
  • Files cancellation detail if the file is cancelled due to some reason.
  • Caution marking on file.
  • Resident/Non-Resident register.
  • Services, if a member wants to acquire.
  • File’s Transfer History if the file is transferred from member to member ones or more.

File Transfer method with rechecks:

  • Finger print verification.
  • Don’t allow transfer if there is caution(s) on file.
  • Don’t allow transfer if amount is outstanding against file.
  • Checklist (that is created by the society management for rechecking processes before transfer) validation.
  • Power of Attorney can also transfer file on the behalf on actual member.
  • Possession given procedure with plot’s dimensions and plot’s map.

Member Correspondence

  • Official Letters (Transfer Letter, Possession Letter etc) are entered (by the system) and Customized Letters can be entered by the user (in member correspondence list) to get print outs of letters.
  • Letters can be sent by mail (system tracks record of letters those are sent by mail).
  • Letter can be send by email.
  • Correspondence can be done by short message service (SMS).
  • Correspondence can be done File Wise (if members have more than one file) or Membership Wise.


  • Daily Invoices with system generated Invoice No.
  • Daily Receipts with system generated Receipt No.
  • Payment Adjustment of members.
  • Maintenance or any other monthly invoice auto generation.
  • Post Dated Cheques (given by the members) can also be tracked in the system.


  • Standard reports required by a Housing Society.
  • Customized reports required by a Housing Society.

Admin Panel

  • Comprehensive Dashboard to summarize all the system on a single Form.
  • System configuration to set the behavior of system on some activities e.g. “Transaction Type ID” of Cost of Land to generate Invoice in the system, when Payment Plan is created on File.
  • Check List creation by management that is check on file transfer.

Land Module

Land Module Features:

  • Mauza
  • Khasra
  • Registry
  • Reports

File Digitization

File Digitization Features:

  • Documents Scanning
  • Documents List/View

Balloting System

Balloting System Features:

  • Applications
  • Inventory
  • Balloting (Plot Category Wise)

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