Brisk Cargo System

Brisk Cargo is fully adaptable system for small and large organization and it covers the centralized Flight Details along with Shipment Tracking, Warehouse Inventory and most comprehensive Reporting.

Real Estate Management System

The Real Estate Management is a fully automated system with dynamic features that automates the daily routines of Housing Society Management Operations with the most convenient user interface.

A Box (Financial Accounting System)

Brisk Solutions provides companies with a versatile suite of highly adaptable, totally integrated accounting applications. We offer complete ERP software with fully-integrated accounting software.

Store Management System

Store Management System offers a suite of applications designed to maximize profitability of your inventory investment, by eliminating the unnecessary excess that hurts profitability.

Cinema Management System

Brisk Solutions has developed a well designed Cinema Management System to help companies manage the daily operations more efficiently and handle scheduling, pricing, seating, and promotions.

Payroll Management System

Brisk Payroll Management System provides total flexibility in taking care of your employees while helping you to produce detailed reports to help you plan and generate a budget.

Lead Management System

Leads are an important part of any sales process and Brisk Solutions’ Lead Management System can help every size of organization to streamline lead management process.

Attendance Management System

Attendance Management System manages the diverse requirements of systematic yet flexible timings with user-wise attendance, shifts and leave policies to dramatically improve productivity of an organization.

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