Store Management System offers a suite of applications designed to maximize profitability of your inventory investment. Good inventory management means carrying enough products to meet customer demand while eliminating the unnecessary excess that hurts profitability. Store Management System provides the tools needed to minimize your carrying costs and maximize your profitability.

Store Management Features

Stock Transfer

Balancing: Analyze your inventory across stores to determine your overstocked and under stocked inventory, then automatically create transfers to move the inventory and optimize your QOH in each store.

Inventory Pro

Better analyze inventory flows for reduced shrinkage, improved order point calculations, and enhanced understanding of historical sales patterns.

Bill of Materials:

Allow for easy grouping and tracking of individual items as well as calculating pricing and discount.

Lot Tracking:

Track the sales of products based on groupings or “lots”.

Purchasing and Receiving:

Provide automated methods for making group price changes and includes automated updating of inventory and price data.

Advanced Receiving:

Receive multiple shipments against one invoice, pay multiple invoices against a single shipment, and automatically adjust cost of goods sold.

Pricing Planner:

Use pricing information from your competitors, suppliers, and other store location.

Soft Good Styles:

See, sell, and track at the style level whenever you have the need.

Buyer’s purchasing:

Manage the purchasing and distribution process by providing significantly enhanced visibility of vendors, inventories, purchase orders, and other essential information.

Inventory Planner:

keep inventory levels where they’ll do your business the most good—just enough to avoid stock outs but not so much that they drag down profits or waste space.

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